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St. Francis Xavier Catholic Academy
2700 O Street, S.E. Washington, D.C. 20020
Telephone (202) 581- 2010 Fax (202) 581-1142
Harold L. Thomas, Principal
Rev. Jim Boccabella, Pastor
Grades Pre-K - 2 Class Syllabus for 2016-2017
Teacher : Mr. James R, Wills, Jr.
E-mail : [email protected]
Course overview:
Religion Grades Pre-K – 2nd
Our overall goal this year is to provide students with an understanding of God and their relationship to God and their neighbor.
Through scripture, prayer, Christian living, and community outreach, students will be exposed to how sharing God’s love will
bring them closer to God. A variety of experiences will be offered to reach each student. The ‘Faith Standards for the
Archdiocese of Washington’ are the basis of instruction. The standards have grade appropriate indicators suitable for the
growth of the students. Students will display skill mastery through assessments, projects, and demonstrating the presence of
God in their life through interpersonal relationships and their response in faith based activities. Areas of focus for each grade
level is as follows:
Pre-Kindergarten – The focus is on how God created me because He loves me.
Kindergarten – the focus is on Creation & Our relationship with God.
Grade 1 – The Focus is on Jesus Ministry and how the Church carries out that ministry.
Grade 2 – The focus is on the Sacraments & the Ten Commandments.
Textbooks: Sadlier - ‘We Believe’ Religion Series
- Sadlier – ‘We Believe’ Religion Music CD
- Sadlier - ‘We Believe’ Religion Test Generator
- Sadleir – “We Believe” Retreat Booklet
- Sadlier – We Believe website;
- Catholic Bible
- Catechism of the Catholic Church
- US Conference of Catholic Bishops website;
- Other relevant websites
- Compendium of the Catholic Church
- Catechist Magazine
- Religious Videos
- Religious Art & Artifacts
- Junior Saints
- Explaining God’s Word weekly worksheets
- Art Supplies
Bible (for use as a reference at home)
Composition Book
Sharpened Pencils
Standards Introduced
Knowledge of Faith
Education for Living in the Christian Community
Standard 1
Creed: Understand, believe and proclaim the Triune and
Standard 8
Catholic Church: Understand and appreciate the mystery of
redeeming God as revealed in creation and human
experience, in Apostolic Tradition and Sacred Scripture, and
as entrusted to the teaching office of the Church.
Standard 2
Scripture: Read, comprehend and articulate salvation
history as conveyed in God’s revelation through Sacred
the Church, the Body of Christ, the community of believers, as
expressed in the Church’s origin, mission of evangelization,
hierarchical structure, marks, charisms, members and the
communion of saints.
Standard 9
Ecumenism: Understand and participate in the call of the
Liturgical Education: Helping to Celebrate
Church to be a sign of unity in the world through knowledge of and
collaboration with other Catholic (Eastern), Orthodox, and
Christian churches.
Standard 3
Sacraments: Understand and participate in the
Standard 10
Catholic Principles and Relationships: Apply Catholic
sacraments of the Church as effective signs of God's grace,
instituted by Christ and entrusted to the Church.
Standard 4
Liturgy: Understand and celebrate the liturgical rites of the
Church as expressed in the Church Year and epitomized in
the Eucharist as the source and summit of Christian life.
principles to interpersonal relations.
Standard 11
Vocations: Understand and undertake discipleship in Christ
responding in faith by participating in the mission of the Church
through living a specific call in the life of the Church.
Moral Formation
Education for Evangelization and Apostolic Life
Standard 5
Conscience: Develop a moral conscience informed by
Standard 12
CATHOLIC SOCIAL TEACHING: Know critique and apply
Church teachings.
Standard 6
Christian Living: Understand and live the moral
teachings of the Church through a life of discipleship in Jesus
Christ expressed in love for God, conversion, positive selfimage, personal integrity, social justice, the dignity of the
human person and love of neighbor.
Standard 7
Prayer: Know and participate in the Catholic tradition of
prayer and acknowledge prayer as the primary way we
deepen our knowledge of God in the Community.
social justice and stewardship principles to societal situations in a
way that acknowledges and affirms the dignity of the human
person and community.
Standard 13
participate in the call of the Church to be a sign of unity in the
world through knowledge of and collaboration with Jews, Muslims,
and all faith traditions.
Standard 14
MISSIONARY VOCATION: Demonstrate an appreciation
for Catholic missionary and evangelization efforts through our
parish community, its culture, worship, sacramental life, and
Classroom Rules and Expectations
Student Responsibilities:
Parent Responsibilities:
Respect yourself
Be at school on time daily
Have students in school and on time
Respect others
Be prepared for learning
Check your child’s work daily
Respect the environment
Listen carefully to your teachers
Check Rediker Weekly to see your child’s
Participate in class
Ask for help when needed
Support your child’s learning
Complete all assignments
Participate in meetings with the teacher and
Take care of all textbooks and any
other materials that are borrowed
from the school
Foster a positive relationship with all school
Serve as a positive representation of
your home
Ensure that your child follows all school
Grading Scale
E= Excellent 93-100 G= Above Average 85-92 S= Average 77-84 I= Below Average Passing 70-76
U= Unsatisfactory Below 70
Homework = 10% of grade.
Participation = 10% of grade.
Test = 25% of grade.
Quizzes = 15% of grade
Projects = 25% of grade.
Classwork = 15% of grade.
Parental Communication
Parental Communication: I communicate with parents using several different modes. I can be reached by e-mail, my address is
[email protected] The office telephone number is (202)581-2010. Please allow 24 hours for my response.
Additionally I can hold meetings by appointment during my planning periods. I update Rediker weekly and you can feel free to
message me on Rediker.