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Elementary School Teaching Positions
Open: two part-time teaching positions for the 2016/17 school year
Holy Family Academy, located 10 miles north of Salem, Oregon, is a small, private,
independent school that teaches K-8 students a modified classical liberal-arts curriculum,
embedded in Catholic tradition, in a beautiful rural and wholesome family environment.
Class sizes are very small; two grade levels are taught together, and combined grades do
not usually exceed 16 students.
HFA is a NAPCIS member school (
Candidate must be a practicing, faithful Roman Catholic with a desire to teach young
children, willing to make an Oath of Fidelity, and whose faith life serves as an example to
students and families. Above all, we seek candidates who embrace our mission to give
Glory to God by the sanctification and education of our members (students and families),
and strive to accomplish this by means of an education wholly embedded in Catholic
tradition. Two years of teaching experience and bachelor's degree preferred, but not an
absolute requirement. Experience using the Spalding Writing Road to Reading method is
a plus!
For application or inquiries please contact: Cheryl Schwartz ([email protected]),
or Laura Beyer (503-551-4265 or [email protected]).