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Colonial Stock Pamphlet
Students will work individually to create a “stock pamphlet” that presents
information about the founding, development, and growth of the three colonial regions of the
17th and 18th century America.
Topics: New England, Middle and Southern colonies
Each student is responsible for selling a “colonial stock pamphlet” in which the
colonial region is a stock. Your goal is to convince investors to support further colonization and
investment in your region of the colonies. Your pamphlet should include some of the
“downside” of your region, but should emphasize what is strong about your region.
The pamphlet should be organized in a logical outline. Each pamphlet should have a mission
statement on the front page emphasizing the main topics of the stock. To support your
mission, you should formulate three major arguments that would encourage investors to send
money to your region. Topics should come from the following list:
1. Founding, founders, and purpose for settlement
2. Geography and town development
3. Types of government with specific examples
4. Primary economic endeavors
5. Ethnic, religious, education issues
6. Social indicators (family, leisure, food)
7. Significant events, people
8. Cultural arts
Though the arguments that you choose for your presentation will emphasize the strengths of
you region, you are REQUIRED to produce a pamphlet that will cover significant information
about all of the topics on the list above. The pamphlet is designed to educate prospective
buyers about the region you are trying to sell.
The livelier, organized, and creative pamphlet will earn high marks. However, be careful that
you don’t style over substance (your goal is to educate and convince buyers). Any student who
makes an entertaining pamphlet that does not fully address the issue will be penalized.
Reminders: This pamphlet deals with the region as a whole. Do not limit yourself to going
through the area colony to colony. You are asked here to do some analysis and draw some
conclusions about each region, using each colony as support for your conclusions. Your
pamphlet should be linked to your mission statement.
Project Due: A day October 20, B day October 21