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The bill has been approved and will allow for better articulation
between National Policy, local development plans, urban resilience
and decentralization as key areas to support post earthquake
Provided a new legal framework for urban policy, therefore aiming
to direct urban development, giving rise to social, economic, and
environmental benefits
Provided municipalities a set of legal tools to complement their
efforts towards sustainable urban development
Building the urban governance structure
Municipalities will be able to secure and transfer the rights on land
Land Use and
Management Law
Provided a toolbox of national regulations to support urban planning
and urban investments
Provided a clear framework related to land tenure, land value, land
use and land development
The objective of this project was to develop the legal
component of the urban planning process from
different perspectives, such as safety, climate change
and local economic development.
The project established the necessary conditions
to enable the discussion on National land use and
management law to support sustainable urbanization
and the legal basis to support strategies and a
framework for its coordination.
Municipalities will have new tools to optimize their land use,
fostering urban compactness and mixed-use development.
Focus was on strengthening the decentralization
and the power of local authorities to implement
sustainable urbanization and the possibility for
National Government to support local authorities and
apply subsidiarity principles when needed.
It established a legal strategic framework
for promoting sustainable land planning and
management for territorially balanced urban
Providing better regulation for private investments on new
developments or redevelopments.
This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals: