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Our second Reader will be on Thursday, January 19th. All are welcome, invite anyone who might like to
come. We will be considering the essay by C.S. Lewis "Is Theology Poetry" included in his book, The
Weight of Glory. Please be sure to read the article before coming to the meeting (see link or pdf in the
Reader folder).
A bit of background for us to consider….
Clive Staples Lewis, or Jack as he was affectionately known, lived from 1898-1963. As a young
Englishman, he fought in World War I for the British Army. After spending much of his young life as an
atheist, Lewis converted to Anglicanism at the age of 31. He was an ardent student, reviewer, and teacher
of medieval literature at Oxford University. He, alongside other writer-philosopher types with names like
J.R.R. Tolkien and Owen Barfield, belonged to the Inklings, the famed group of friends informally yet
routinely meeting at The Eagle and Child, a pub in Oxford, England. From this group of friends many
beautiful tales and ideas were conceived and developed, thereafter impacting a great deal of western and
Christian thought.
The Weight of Glory represents a collection of some of Lewis’ most poignant and beloved essays and
sermons. “Is Theology Poetry” was written as a response to a question given by the Oxford University
Socratic Club, and was read on November 6th, 1944.
Our discussion will focus not only on what Lewis says, but also on his approach toward Christian
theology. In your reading, pay attention to how Lewis' viewpoint of theology and his approach to
theology inform each other.
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I hope this piece will challenge us and stimulate some interesting discussion. I look forward to hearing
your thoughts.
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