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AP Chemistry - Chapter 8
Read pages 349-358 and 364-374 very carefully. This material is all review and we will
cover it in class very briefly through a model building lab.
As a result of your reading, you should be able to:
 Define valence electrons, and state the stable octet rule
 Draw Lewis dot symbols for elements
 Draw Lewis structures for molecules and polyatomic ions (with single, double,
and triple bonds)
 Determine central atoms in Lewis structures
 Define isoelectronic
 Draw Lewis structures for molecules in which the central atom is an exception to
the stable octet rule (has more or less than 8 valence electrons)
Based upon your reading, answer the following questions at the end of chapter 8:
#5, 6, 17, 23
and fill in the attached table. Use the steps for creating Lewis Structures (attached) to
help you.