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Friday 12th February 2016
Hilltop Medical Practice – Board Room
Present: Dr Neeta Ghosh-Chowdhury (Dr NGC), Vanita Patel (Senior Administrator), Shushma
Lawrence (Administrator) – Minute Taker, Mr Allen French, Mrs Mary Moriaty, Mr John Campbell, Mrs
Rosama Abraham, Mr Edgar Crichtlow
Apologies: Mr Albert Robinson, Miss Veroline Buckley, Mr George Basunga, Mr David Fisher
Start Time:
14:00 Finish Time: 16:00
Dr NCG welcomed everyone and thanked them for attending. All present were informed why it was
imperative to hold the PPG Meetings.
Review Action Plan 2014-2015
Dr NGC informed all about the three main points in the plan
Did Not Attend (DNA) Appointments
Dr NGC informed all, that after the suggestion in the last PPG meeting, the practice has changed the DNA
policy from allowing patients to DNA four appointments down to three appointments as suggested. Dr
NGC explained that this is the reason for delays in obtaining appointments, with waiting times for getting
an appointment with the GP stretching to two weeks at times. Dr NGC also informed that just yesterday
11/2/16 there were seven nurse appointments wasted in ONE sessions where patients DNAd. Despite Text
messaging reminders.
It was suggested by the patients’ forum that the policy should once again change and that patients should
be informed to leave the surgery, after ONE DNA appointment. It was also pointed out by the forum that
everyone gets a reminder of the appointment, therefore giving them ample time to inform the surgery if
they are unable to attend, thus allowing for waiting times for appointments to decrease.
After further discussion, it was decided that the quota for DNA should yet again be decreased to two
DNA, only two chances, after this a letter should be sent informing them that they are invited to attend
in person to appeal the decision of removing them from the surgery, if no response or do not appeal
then patient should be removed. Dr NGC informed all that this was noted and that the DNA policy will
be updated.
The ability to book or make an appointment with a Dr or Nurse. This is a constant theme which will be
addressed later on. To be discussed in Survey Results.
Disable Parking Outside Surgery
Mr Allen notified all that he had written to Brent Council on behalf of the PPG and had attached
signatures, which came to no avail. NO response.
Dr NGC informed all that Estates have informally informed that Brent Council stated that there will be no
plans / changes until all building works are completed.
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Dr NGC explained that Practice had participated in three separate surveys as part of surgery review. It was
explained how these are collated, either via Friends & Family, IPSI/Mori Poll and Harness Health Network
Survey. The surveys were generally favourable and so Dr NGC wanted to address those areas where the
Practice performed BELOW CCG average: Sometimes the different surveys differed themselves in the result
due to the small numbers.
Network Survey
 75% - GP gave patient enough time (average 85%)(a)
 75% - GP explained the Explain test/treatment (average 81%)(b)
 37.50% - Patients wanted to be seen on the same day (average 40%)
 63% - Ability to see or speak to someone the last time they tried (average 85%)(c)
 71% - Nurse good at involving in decisions about care (average 85%)(d)
 80% - Nurse was good at treating with care and concern (average 91)(d)
Dr NGC informed that Friends and Family allows us to collate information and allows us to monitor and get
feedback on both regular staff as well as the locums used within the practice. This allows the practice to
take into account what the patients think of the service provided by the locum and to allow us to either
carry on with their service or disengage if not suitable.
Members of the forum informed that on various occasions they were unable to text their response after
their consultation. Dr NGC informed that this will be investigated. SL to contact MJOG and investigate
a) The patient forum was aware that Dr NGC usually spent more than 10 minutes. They were aware
that this could mean longer wait on the day to see her but did not mind. Dr NGC also mentioned
that she has a special clinic on Friday mornings where complex patients are seen. These revised
appointment are usually longer.
b) The PPG thought that the Drs all were generally good at explaining treatment and investigations.
Dr NGC remarked that perhaps the survey reflected those patients for whom English is not a first
language. She promised to make better use of aids, and leaflets, preferably looking into more use
of leaflets in various languages.
c) (c)Currently there is only sporadic use of telephone consultations. These tend to be housebound
or working patients who have quick queries about medications or tests. The contact is usually
made as a telephone consultation or sent as a task to Dr NGC depending on the receptionist. As
previously discussed, Dr NGC does not feel that she can safely see any more patients in one
session. Introducing telephone appointments would be at the detriment of routine
appointments which would then affect normal access to see a Dr. It was agreed after a discussion
that there would be switch of a couple routine appointments to telephone consultations which
should not take so long. IN theory Dr NGC would hope to speak to more patients in these slots
than she would be able to see in actual face: face consultations. These slots would be for simple
queries with prescriptions etc. This was noted and will be implemented.
d) Dr NGC discussed recruitment issues in Brent and England. We have not had a permanent nurse
for years. We have had nurses that we have not been happy with which may be reflected in the
survey. We currently have a locum nurse who seems to be working well but she has only been
working for the last few weeks.
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Complaints/ Access
Dr NGC informed all, that two complaints had been received via NHS Choices. One complaint was
regarding staff and their unprofessional approach. The comment was anonymous and so we could not
investigate further but similarly we could not identify the receptionist described and think perhaps the
comment related to a staff member in the building, but not THIS Practice. PPG had no other comments.
The other complaint was regarding appointments and in particular the times of appointments for the Hub.
Dr NGC explained that the Hub was to provide access to a GP OUTSIDE of Practice hours and so provided
GP appointments AFTER 6.30. Once same day appointments are used up the only other option is to go to
Wembley Walk IN centre. The PPG did not want to make any other changes to the appointment system as
they felt it worked well with a good balance of same day: routine appointments. Dr NGC also explained
that we DO NOT TURN AWAY children under 5 who are unwell. Dr NGC also discussed the on line access
which is working well. Those that have signed up seem to have “VIP Access”.
Infection Control
Dr NGC informed all that a policy is in place and is updated. All staff are trained annually and ensure that
they are up to date with the latest updates as they occur eg Ebola, ZikaVirus. There is an annual statement
that is put up on the Practice Website. We discussed a past comment where a patient had concerns about
Infection from the touch screen.
Discussion was held and it was decided that hand sanitizers should be strategically placed in the
reception area for patients to use.
Data Warehouse/ Whole Systems Integrated Care
Dr NGC informed all that this is to enable improved communication between partners e.g Hospitals, Social
Services, Police etc in order to have more streamlined care. Currently The GP is responsible for all data
held on all patients in the Practice. Fair Processing Notices are already up around the Practice and patient
leaflets are available. Everyone should ensure that they are aware of what choices are available before
making the decision of whether they would like to share their information between partners. Opt out
forms will be available
Dr NGC informed all of the role of CQC and informed that they will be visiting on Tuesday 23rd February
2016. They may ask to talk to PPG representatives. Mr French informed that he could be text and as he
works close by, he would come in to talk to them.
Any Other Business
General Discussion was had about the Junior Doctor Strikes, the increased workload on Primary Care and
Dr NGC gave examples of how her work has changed and challenges faced.
All attending the forum expressed that they would like to help out more and if any assistance was required
then they would all be willing to assist.
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