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The Student Counselling
…and what we can provide
One of our aims
• To make the transitional phase of coming
here as short and as smooth as possible
– Open doors for quick questions, need for
information on where to find what, or how to
solve problems occurred
Services include
Social events
Practical assistance
Emotional support or therapy
Health system (medical assistance)
Social security system
Job market
Way things are organised around here
Spare time activities
Culture, climate, etc
• Where to buy what (what is cheap where)
• Regular info e-mails, including info of
events taking place
• Norwegian Spring Holidays
Social Events
• Party at driv Friday at 8pm
– Mid week discounts on beer/wine (35,-/150,-)
• Ski rental at Kraft
– Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm
– Cost: NOK 300 + deposit NOK 400, cash only
• Welcome back the sun celebration
• International Coffee/Tea Hour
• Winter Activity Day
Town events
• TIFF 18-24 January
• Northern Lights Festival 28 January-6
February (This year: Russia/East Europe)
• Sami Week 2-8 February
• Second Hand Markets every first Saturday
of the month, Culture House
Practical Assistance
• Translation of letters
• Obtaining appointments (making phone
calls), to e.g. doctors, dentists or social
security offices.
• Budgeting assistance
• Making support letters
– Family reunifications
– Holiday visas to other countries
– Kindergarten/housing, etc.
Emotional support
• Counselling and psychological therapy
– Problems in life that can affect studies and
well being (anxieties, depressions, sadness,
grief, eating disorders, long term illness,
pregnancy, etc.)
– Assistance with feelings of not coping with
studies or exams
Emotional support
• Therapy groups
– Exam
– Grief
– Oral presentations
– Depression management
– Mindfulness (stress management)
Where are we?
• Basement of the Faculty of Humanities, Social
Sciences & Education building (HSL-fak)
• Entrance vis-à-vis bus stop
Who are we?
The Receptionist:
• Benedikte: [email protected]
1 Counsellor for international students:
• Line: [email protected]
+ 3 counsellors and 3 psychologists
How to get in touch:
• Office Hours 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Mon-Fri
• Make appointments via e-mail, phone or with
Benedikte at the reception
• Drop-in Hours: Mon-Fri 1 p.m.-2 p.m.
Last but not least
Service is confidential
And free of charge
Easy accessibility policy
Welcome! 