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Hats of the
President (Honors)
Commander In Chief
• Leader of the armed forces
• Can send troops anywhere for 60
• After 60 days must get Congress’s
approval (War Powers Resolution of
Chief Diplomat
• Guides our
relationship with other
countries, directs
Foreign Policy.
• Makes treaties with
other countries
• Appoint Ambassadors
Chief Legislator
• Helps set direction of domestic policy,
proposes legislation to Congress.
• Initiating, suggesting, requesting, insisting, and
demanding… and clashing.
• Gives the
State of the
Union address
Chief of Party
• Leads party,
candidates of
the same party
Chief of State
• Performs ceremonial
duties, meets with
other Heads of State.
• Stands as symbol of
the United States
Chief Executive
Administers government programs
Enforces government laws
Supervises government employees
Executive Orders
Chief Citizen
• Represents the People of the United States
• Expected to ‘Champion’ the public interest
against private interest
• “The presidency, is not merely an
administrative office. That is the least of it, it
is, pre-eminently, a place of moral leadership”;
Chief Administrator
• Director of the Huge Executive Branch; 2.7
million civilians are directed by the President
who administrators the Branch
• Head of the Federal Government
• Nominates Cabinet members and top aides,
heads of Independent Agencies, and Officers
in the Armed Forces.
• Senate must approve all appointments, some
are just a Senatorial Courtesy.
Judicial Leader/Power
• Chooses appointments for federal
• Can pardon criminals in the federal
• Senate must approve all