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Do Now:
Look at the photo on page 443 and write a paragraph
explaining why you think the egg is much larger than
the sperm.
Ch. 18-Pregnancy and Early Development
4 Early Signs of Pregnancy
A missed menstrual period; often feels
like a period is about to start.
Positive urine or blood test for human
chorionic gonadotropin hormone.
Tenderness and enlargement of the
breasts and darkening of the nipples.
Nausea (“morning sickness”) and
How Life Begins
Key Terms:
Sexual Intercourse- is the reproductive process
in which the penis is inserted into the vagina and
through which a new human life may begin.
Embryo: A developing human, from fertilization
through the first 8 weeks of development.
Placenta: A blood vessel-rich organ that forms
in a mother’s uterus and that provides nutrients
and oxygen to and removes wastes from a
developing human.
Fetus: A developing human, from the start of the
ninth week of pregnancy until delivery.
Prenatal Care: the healthcare provided for a
woman during her pregnancy.
How Baby grows in womb during pregnancy
Group Activity:
3 Groups:
1)First Trimester
2)Second Trimester
3)Third Trimester
Beliefs VS. Reality
“A missed menstrual
period is a sure sign of
“It takes the entire 38-40
weeks for the major
structures in a growing
baby to develop.”
“Drugs cannot cross the
placenta into the baby
during pregnancy.”
“Pregnant women do not
have to visit the doctor
until at least 3 months of
It is common for women to
have irregular periods. A
woman is not necessarily
pregnant if she missed a
By the end of the first 3
months, all of the baby’s
major body structures have
Most drugs can cross the
placenta into the baby’s
Regular doctor visits from
the first sign of pregnancy
are necessary to ensure the
mother’s and baby’s health.
Group Discussion:
Prenatal Care and the Father
Why is it important for the father of the
child to maintain good health along with
the pregnant mother?
Keeping Healthy Before and During
What to do:
Avoid alcohol and other drugs (including
caffeine and tobacco), and exposure to
 Maintain a nutritious diet that follows the
Food Guide Pyramid and eat regular meals.
 Take prenatal vitamins, prescribed by a
healthcare provider, before and throughout a
 Get a regular, moderate levels of exercise, if
approved by a doctor.
 Have all medical conditions evaluated by a
doctor early in the pregnancy.
**Prenatal Care During Pregnancy**
Pregnant women are encouraged to exercise
throughout their pregnancy as long as their
exercise plan has been approved by their
healthcare physician. Exercise is a good way
for a pregnant woman to maintain good
health, relieve tension, improve circulation,
and increase muscle tone and strength.
Walking, low impact aerobics, and swimming
are recommended forms of exercise for
pregnant women.
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Why is Prenatal Exercise important?