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Combining high performance
and reliability with cost efficiency
In a typical technology package, Keppel Seghers’
scope covers the supply of key equipment that
is essential for guaranteeing the performance
and reliability of a WTE plant. For the remaining
“chute to stack” equipment, Keppel Seghers
will provide the basic design and the necessary
documentation for the client to purchase the
equipment locally.
This project setup has the advantage of having
high quality critical components of the plant
and performance guarantees provided by
an experienced and reliable WTE technology
supplier, while leveraging lower-cost construction
that can be sourced locally. This can contribute
to a more cost efficient project structure while
maintaining high performance and reliability.
Keppel Seghers will provide its expertise during
installation and commissioning in order to ensure
smooth and successful execution of the project.
Keppel Seghers
Keppel Seghers is a leading provider of
comprehensive environmental solutions,
and provides consultancy, design and
engineering, technology development,
construction, operation and maintenance
of plants and facilities, as well as investments
in large-scale environmental projects.
Waste-toEnergy Plant
Keppel Seghers’ advanced technology solutions
address a wide spectrum of environmental
issues for both solid waste and water.
Advanced solutions for
sustainable waste management
To date, Keppel Seghers has executed more
than 100 waste-to-energy projects and more
than 350 water and wastewater projects in
more than 25 countries worldwide.
Keppel Seghers is a global leading provider of WTE technology packages
Keppel Seghers Engineering Singapore Pte Ltd
108 Pasir Panjang Road
#02-01 Golden Agri Plaza
Singapore 118535
Tel: +65 6267 6800
Fax: +65 6268 4511
Email: [email protected]
Keppel Seghers Belgium NV
Hoofd 1
2830 Willebroek - Belgium
Tel: +32(0) 3880 7700
Fax: +32(0) 3880 7749
Email: [email protected]
Keppel Seghers Engineering (Beijing Office)
Unit 706, Level 7, China World Tower 2
1 Jian Guo Men Wai Ave
Beijing 100004
P.R. China
Tel: +86(10) 6505 1688
Fax: +86(10) 6505 1588
Email: [email protected]
Keppel Seghers Engineering (Qatar Doha Office)
7th Floor Al Jassim Commercial Tower
C-Ring Road Suhaim Bin Hamad Street
PO Box 37069, Doha
State of Qatar
Tel: +974 44430 365
Fax: +974 44430 340
Email: [email protected]
Keppel Seghers is a wholly-owned subsidiary
of the Keppel Infrastructure group, which is
a division of Keppel Corporation Limited, a
leading company listed on the Singapore Exchange.
Providing proven waste management
solutions worldwide
Leading provider
in China
Across the globe, mounting volumes of waste,
depleting landfill spaces, soaring energy prices
and growing concerns for air pollution have given
rise to Waste-to-Energy (WTE) as a leading
solution for sustainable waste management.
In China, Keppel Seghers is a leading provider of
imported WTE solutions. Keppel Seghers has
supplied technology packages for 19 WTE Plants,
with a total capacity of 22,000 tons per day.
Keppel Seghers offers technology packages
based on its proprietary technology, comprising
the delivery of critical plant components with
process guarantees.
Keppel Seghers’ advanced and proprietary WTE
technology not only helps in landfill diversion by
reducing the volume of waste by as much as
90%, but also allows energy to be reclaimed from
waste material while emitting flue gases
compliant with international standards.
Keppel Seghers is a global leading provider of
WTE technology packages, with experience
in executing more than 100 WTE projects in
over 25 countries worldwide, including Finland,
Germany, the Netherlands and India. Its offerings
include the supply of furnace, boiler and flue gas
cleaning systems for a WTE plant.
More than
100 WTE
in over
25 countries
▲ Combustion control Tianjin I
2 x 500 tpd
Gao An Tun II
3 x 600 tpd
3 x 500 tpd
Flue Gas System
1x 300 tpd, Kotka, Finland
1 x 550 tpd, New Delhi, India
2 x 400 tpd
1 x 650 tpd, Modena, Italy
2 x 400 tpd
SIGMA control system regulates towards stable steam production while maximising waste
throughput and improving combustion efficiency
Individual primary air and tile movement
control for each of the five furnace zones
for optimal combustion regulation
Water-cooled and/or air cooled tiles,
depending on type of waste
▲ Heat recovery boiler and prism Prism provides better secondary air injection,
improving combustion and reducing overall
boiler fouling and corrosion
Able to handle heating values up to 25MJ/kg ensuring low thermal wear and a long lifespan
Suzhou I
3 x 350 tpd
Tailored optimised design by in-house CFD
Suzhou II
2 x 500 tpd
2 x 350 tpd
Yangzhou I
2 x 500 tpd
2 x 225 tpd
Yangzhou II
1 x 600 tpd
3 x 400 tpd
4 x 750 tpd, Baoan Phase II, Shenzhen, China
2 x 400 tpd
2 x 500 tpd
Baoan I & II
3 x 400 tpd
4 x 750 tpd
▲ Furnace for medium and high
calorific waste Fixed and sliding tiles
4 x 500 tpd
Chengdu III
3 x 600 tpd
▲ Furnace for low calorific waste
Fixed, sliding and tumbling air-cooled tiles
Design allows for containerised transportation and short installation of prefabricated modules, even for high throughput
▲ Flue gas cleaning systems
Semi-wet flue gas cleaning system comprises
atomised lime droplet injection system without
gearbox, ensuring long lifespan and low maintenance
Dry flue gas cleaning system with residue
recirculation used in combination with
high energy recovery boilers