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Law of conservation of energy
States that ______________ can
Chemical Energy
Is a _____________________________energy.
Type of energy comes from the ________________ of.
atoms and molecules
but it cannot be________________ or destroyed Is energy caused by ______________________________.
A good _____________________ of chemical energy is
That means the total ______________________ ____________________ when it is _________________
stays the _______________ the _____________
_________________ is a property of objects
which can be______________________ to other
objects or________________________ into
different forms, but cannot be created or
Is _____________________ to do ____________.
Forms of Energy
All forms fall under two classifications
Radiant Energy
Is the energy of electromagnetic waves
It is a form of energy that can travel through
For example we receive heat from the________
which is located very far from Earth via
The sun’s heat is not transfer through any solid
medium, but through a ___________________
Gravitational Energy
Where motion, is caused by gravity's _________
Example: Like water _________________ a dam,
Electrical Energy
Related to the________________________ or flow of
electrons which carry a _____________________
Is when electricity creates _____________, light or heat.
An example of electrical energy is the electric coils
on your stove
Mechanical Energy
Is the energy of motion that does the ______________
An example of mechanical energy is the wind as
it _______________________________________
Nuclear Energy
Is the energy stored in the ______________of an atom.
Based on that energy the nucleus are held together.
That energy can be _____________________ when
we ______________________ (energy fusion) or split
(energy ____________________) the nuclei.
This energy is used in nuclear power
Sound Energy
Energy made by ______________________.
When any object vibrates, it causes __________
in the air particles. These particles bump into
the particles close to them, which makes the
_________________ too causing them to bump
into more air particles.
Thermal (Heat) Energy
Is energy that is ___________________
into _____________by using ______________.
An example is a fire in your fireplace