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Civil Rights Movement
Section of the country that had Jim
Crow Laws.
Segregated movie theatre’s and
waiting rooms.
Jackie Robinson
• In 1947 he became the first African
American to play major league baseball
Brown vs. The Board of Education
• Supreme Court decision that ended
segregated schools in America.
Emmett Till- Summer of 1955
• Young man was killed in Mississippi for
whistling to a white woman.
• The woman’s husband and brother in law
killed him.
• The men were found not guilty.
• Emmett’s mother had an open casket so
the world could see what happened to her
• This sparked the Civil Rights Movement.
Montgomery Bus Boycott
• Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on
the bus to a white man.
• She was arrested.
• Dr. Martin Luther King and others organize
a boycott (they refuse to ride the bus).
• The boycott lasts 381 days and ended with
the desegregation of busses.
Rosa Parks being finger printed.
Dr. Martin Luther King
African Americans walked to work.
Little Rock 9- 1957
• Nine African American students decide to
attend the all white Little Rock Central high
• They are met by angry students and
• The police did not let them enter the
President Eisenhower steps in.
• The President met with Arkansas
Governor Orval Faubus.
• The Governor did not obey the President.
• The President then sent in the military to
make sure the students were safe.
• Each student was given an armed guard
to protect them for the entire year.
1960- Sit-ins
College students tried to integrate
the lunch counters.
Students were intimidated but did
not retaliate.
1961 Freedom Rides
College students tried to integrate
the buses throughout the South.
Students met violence.
Birmingham Alabama
• Nicknamed Bombingham
• Governor of Alabama- George Wallace
– “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow,
segregation forever”.
– Police Chief- Bull Connor
• Used fire hoses and police dogs on student
Bull Connor
Governor George Wallace
Dr. King and others decided to
march on Washington to demand
Civil Rights.
March on Washington D.C.
• Dr. King organized the march to demand
that the government make laws ending
segregation in the United States.
Dr. King delivering his “I have a
dream” speech.
His dream? That everyone would
be judged on their character not
their skin color.
16th Street Baptist Church
Bomb exploded killing 4 and
injuring 23.
Civil Rights Act of 1964
• Outlawed discrimination in hiring and
ended segregation in public places.
Voting Rights Act of 1965
• Ended literacy tests
• Allowed Federal officials to register voters
in states that had been practicing
April 4, 1968
• Dr. King was in Memphis, Tennessee to
help with the sanitation workers strike.
• He was staying in the Lorraine Motel
• James Earl Ray shot and killed him.
• Dr. King’s death sparked numerous riots
throughout the country.
• Ray was finally caught in London and
sentenced to life in prison.