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The Events that Started the
Civil Rights Movement
April 12, 2008
Margo Zeidner
Powerpoint Lesson
This lesson is an introduction to the events that
started the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950’s and
You will use the Web 2.0 skills we are learning in
• To participate in a blog discussion
• Navigate the internet for information
• Watch videos about the Civil Rights
 1887
 Black
-- Jim Crow laws emerge
Codes are laws set by each state, they include:
・Employment was required of all freed men
・Freed men could not assemble without a white person
・Freed men were not to be taught to read or write
・Public facilities were segregated
・Violators were subject to being whipped or branded.
Life in the 1950’s
Racial segregation in public schools across America
Most black schools were far inferior to the white schools
Click to watch a video on the Brown v. Board of Education
1954 -- U.S. Supreme Court declares school segregation
unconstitutional in Brown v. Board of Education ruling
After the Brown vs. Board (May 17, 1954):
・ A wave of racial violence swept the South
・ Violence was directed at African American men, women, and
Emmett Till
August 1955 -- Emmett Till, a fifteen year old boy, was
beaten, shot, and killed in Mississippi
The murder of Emmett Till is noted as one of the
leading events that motivated the Civil Rights
Click to watch a video about the Death of Emmett Till
Imagine that you are an African American living in the
South during the 1950’s. Write about your experience
in our class blog. Include what school is like for you,
people you encounter, and places you can or cannot
Civil Rights Movement
-- Because of racial oppression African
Americans mobilize in a mass movement:
・ Movement is first of its kind in US
・ Goal is to challenge segregation
・ Nonviolent protests were used, such as: sit
ins,freedom rides, and a March on Washington
・ Average citizens from various backgrounds
joined the cause
Rosa Parks
 December
1955 -- Rosa Parks
becomes famous for refusing to obey a
bus driver’s order to give up her seat to
make room for a white passenger.
Perform a search on the internet to find the following
· Rosa Parks’ act of civil disobedience started which
famous boycott?
· Who led the boycott?
· What is the significance to the Civil Rights Movement?
Rosa Parks
 Click
to read the Article on Rosa Parks
· In groups, discuss whether you think this type of
discrimination could happen today? In our community?
· Based on this discussion, are there changes you
would like to see in our community? Our country?
· In a word document, draft a letter about one of these
changes to send to the school Principal.