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Black History Month Rap
Often people of color get asked everyday what does Black History Month mean to you and I just
got one thing to say it means me and my mother and my brothers my sisters my father
everything I got everything to do with see this is about Rosa Parks and I just got things to say
about her she was amazing lady she didn't get up from the bus she said I'm just going to sit back
and stay right here I don't mind it that it's not it's no fair it's no fair I'm too tired to today
everybody knows the rules Rosa Parks even did everybody knows if you're black you can't eat in
restaurants you have to sit in the back of the bus but there's no time to move Rosa Parks and I'm
not moving it out the voice that she uses to get all the time in the world and then she's coming
to sit with you Rosa Parks today in people black and white did say we're coming to change
America and bring equality but Heroes some things and we need to stay next to Rosa Parks are
allowed to sit everywhere we want on the bus today and I think her and hopefully she rests in
heaven and God thank everybody for Rosa Parks go to the back