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Revision for Data Analysis and Design Examination
It appears that you will need to focus your examination preparation on three main areas.
Topic 1 Understand data models
Hierarchical database model, Relational database model and Network database model – Explain
and discuss the advantages and disadvantages.
Entity Relationship Diagrams (Crow Foot and Chen) – Compare and contrast in terms of design,
advantages and disadvantages and sample ERD’s.
Learn about the terminologies of Multimedia databases, digital libraries, data dictionary,
composite key, entity, attribute, data mining, data warehousing, data, information, primary Key,
foreign Key, unique Key, concatenated Key
Topic 2 Be able to design and implement relational database systems
Role of database administrator in any organization.
Conversion of logical database design in to physical implementation – Normalization, all the
three normal forms with the rules
What is anomaly. Explain the types of anomalies that could possibly occur in a poor database
Topic 3 Be able to use manipulation and querying tools
Explain the benefits of querying tools in a relational database systems.
Be able to write out some simple SQL statements.
Explain about the report writing tools in queries and reports.