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CSCI 3710 Introduction to Database Systems
Current Catalog Description
Database management system concepts and architecture; the relational, hierarchical,
network, entity relationship, and other models; design concepts; and internal
implementation techniques.
Y. Daniel Liang, Database Application Development, Prentice Hall, 2007.
Text companion Website
Course Goals
1. To design a database using ERD and normal forms. 2. To be proficient in SQL. 3. To
know how to work with Oracle, MS Access, and MySQL. 4. To access database using
Java. 5. Web programming using database.
Prerequisites by Topic
Data Structures
Major Topics Covered in the Course
Database concept
Relational data structures
Relational algebra and relational calculus
ER modeling
Functional dependencies
Normal forms
7. SQL
8. Introduction to Oracle
9. Introduction to MS Access
10. Introduction to MySQL
11. Access databases using Java
12. Java servlets
13. Java Server Pages
Evaluation Schemes
Programming Projects
20% (Due dates will be announced in the class.)
Three Exams
Final Exam