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Syllabus for COP-4710
Summer 2017
Text: "Fundamentals of Database Systems" - 7th Edition - by Elmasri and Navathe.
Class webpage:
The following topics, not necessarily in this order, will be discussed.
- Database system concepts and architecture
- Relational database management system architecture
- The Relational data model and relational algebra
- Entity-Relationship (ER) Model
- Structured Query Language (SQL) and Relational calculus
- Relational database design
- Functional dependencies and normalization for relational databases
- Record storage and primary file organizations
- Indexed file structures
Of the following topics, we will discuss one or two depending on the available time.
- DBMS support for Concurrent Processing
- Distributed databases and Client-server architecture
- Deductive database systems
- Data mining
For SQL programming, we will use PostgreSql through pgadmin3 system.
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