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Ch 5 Science Test Study Guide
Interactions in Ecosystems Name:
This test will be given on Be familiar with these facts about ecosystems: Bees help to ​
plants like the following picture shows: Plants make the oxygen​
that animals need to survive. Animals get ​
food and shelter​
from plants. An ​
is a trait that helps an organism survive in its environment. Symbiosis​
is a way that two different living things can help each other. Fertilization​
is the combining of a sperm cell and an egg cell. Animals use special behaviors to ​
their territory​
. A humpback whale’s layer of protective fat and plankton­trapping baleen are ​
that help it survive. Fruit is produced ​
a plant is fertilized. Wood​
is a material that people get directly from plants. Many plants depend on animals for ​
seed dispersal​
. Competition​
occurs when two or more living things need the same limited resources. Be prepared to write ​
complete, detailed sentences​
for the following: 1. How do animals, such as bees, help many plants reproduce? 2. Two animals live in the same environment and eat the same foods. What exists between them? How can both animals survive in the same environment? Hawk