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Human Characteristics of
Long Life Expectancy
• Men on average live to be 75-78
• Women on average live to 80-83
85% Christian
Low infant mortality rate
• Defined as number infants who do not
survive the first year
• Less than ten infants per 1000 a year
do not survive
Low population growth
• Population of Europe is growing at a slow rate
• Some countries have negative growth
– Population is shrinking
• Map Key
Dark Green >1%
Lighter Green .5% -.9%
Lightest Green 0% -.4%
Pink 0% - -.4%
Red > -.5%
High literacy rate
• Over 95% of Europeans know how to
33% of world’s GDP
• GDP = Gross Domestic Product
• It is a measure of how many goods and
services are produced in an economy
• What does this say about Europe’s
Europe has 7% of world’s
• The population European countries is
about 400 million
• How has Europe been able to be
successful while having a small