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Vocabulary for CMQ2 FK2: Energy
energy: the ability to cause a change in matter
potential energy: the energy that something has because of its
position or condition
kinetic energy: the energy of motion
mechanical energy: the total potential and kinetic energy of an
light energy: a form of energy that can travel through space and
which our sight can detect
reflect: to bounce off objects
refract: to bend light
absorption: the stopping of light by soaking it up
sound energy: a form of energy made when something moves back
and forth (vibration)
vibrations: a rapid motion of the particles of an elastic body or
substance back and forth
chemical energy: energy that can be released by a chemical
fossil fuels: include coal, oil, and natural gas; they formed from
the remains of dead plants and animals
heat energy: energy that moves between objects of different
electrical energy: energy that comes from an electric current
conductor: material that allows heat to move through it easily
insulator: material that does not conduct heat well
position: a certain place
motion: a change of position
frame of reference: the things around you that you can sense and
use to describe motion
speed: a measure of an object’s change in position during a unit of
time (ex. 10 meters per second)
force: a push or pull
acceleration: a change in the speed or direction of an object’s
friction: a force that keeps objects that are touching each other
from sliding past each other easily