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If-Then Conditionals
1. Identify the hypothesis and conclusion of each statement.
a. If today is Saturday, then there is no school
b. If x – 8 = 32, then x = 40.
c. If a polygon has 4 right angles, then the polygon is a rectangle.
2. Write each statement in “If-Then” form.
a. All apes love bananas.
b. The sum of the measures of complementary angles is 90 degrees.
c. Collinear points lie in the same line.
d. “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
e. Adjacent angles share a common vertex and no common side.
3. Write the converse of each conditional. Determine if the converse is true or false. If it
is false, give a counterexample.
a. If an animal is a fish, then it can swim.
b. All right angles are congruent.
c. If it rains, then it is cloudy.
d. If x is an even number, then x is divisible by 2.
4. In the figure, P, Q, R, and S, are in plane N. Use the postulates you have learned to
determine whether each statement is true or false.
a. R, S, and T are collinear
b. There is only one plane that contains all the points R, S, and Q.
c. PQT lies in plane N.
d. SPR lies in plane N.
e. If X and Y are two points on line m, then XY intersects N at plane P.
f. Point K is on plane N.
g. N contains RS .
h. T lies in plane M.
i. R, P, and T are coplanar.
j. Lines l and m intersect