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Thursday, September 4, 2014
• Homework: Join Online Textbook (create
username and password)
• Do Now: In your notes, respond to the
following –
– Seashore communities have a lot of tourists in the
summer. Many businesses depend on serving the
needs of the tourists. How does the geography of
your area affect the local business? How does it
affect your own lifestyle?
Monday, September 8, 2014
• No homework 
• Do Now: Have out completed homework
(geography packet)
What is Geography?
• Geo - geo= land
• Graphy= study/ chart
• The study of the Earth, including land, places,
and people
• The study of geography led to the creation of
• Location is a particular place or position.
Location can be absolute or it can be relative.
• Absolute: is precise, more exact
• Relative: gives only a general idea of where
something is located
Location Examples
• Coordinates, street addresses, cities
– (40 N, 74W; 100 Main Street, Trenton, NJ; Oahu,
Hawaii; Phoenix, Arizona)
• Alpine is West of Norwood; Hawaii is an island
in the Pacific Ocean
• A Place has describing characteristics that
define a location. These characteristics can be
physical or human.
• Physical: features that naturally occur on the
Earth. This also includes animal and plant life
• Human: features that are man-made, such as
architecture, or elements of culture
Place Examples
• Physical: rivers, beaches, mountains,
waterfalls, caves, etc.
• Human: Eiffel Tower, a straw hut, Stonehenge,
your home, etc.
Tuesday, September 9, 2014
• Homework: Review all themes and think
about how it applies to Alpine
• Do Now: Please open to your notes from
yesterday and be ready to continue
Human-Environment Interaction
• Involves how people use, adapt, or modify
their environment. This can have positive or
negative effects
• Adapt vs. Modify:
– Adapt- when you change yourself to fit your
– Modify- when you change your environment to fit
• Adapt- wearing shorts & a t-shirt in hot
• Modify- using irrigation systems to water
crops in areas of dry land/ no rain
• Positive- fertilizing crops to feed more people
• Negative- polluting clean air and water
• When people, ideas, goods, fads, etc. are
brought from one place to another or are
exchanged between places
Movement Examples
• One Direction first became popular in Britain,
then in the US
• Internet began in California and is now used
• A group of places with at least one common
characteristic. Regions can be formal or
• Formal: Officially marked boundaries- can be
for continents, countries, towns, cities, etc.
• Vernacular: No official boundary lines, but
instead are understood, or are “perceived”
Region Examples
• Formal : New York City, the USA, Europe
• Vernacular: “The South” or “the Middle East”
• In your notes:
– Think About It: Which theme do you think is most
important? Why? Explain.
Types of Maps
Political Maps
• A political map shows boundaries
• Examples: countries, states,
counties, etc.
Physical Map
• A visual representation of an area,
usually includes landmarks, cities,
major highways, bodies of water, etc.
Economic Map
• An economic map can show
industry, agriculture, or where
wealth or poverty are located
Topography Map
• A topographic map shows elevations
or high and low altitudes found in a
country or region
• Examples- mountains, cliffs, valleys
Climate Map
• A climate map shows temperatures
and climates found within a country
or region