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SS8 Chapter 8 Exam Preview
Date: Tuesday, June 10, 2014
Exam Make-Up: 10 True/False and 10 Multiple-Choice Questions
Which society believed that the gods had sacrificed themselves for mankind?
How did Spanish education compare/contrast to that of the Aztec?
How did the Aztec choose those to sacrifice to their gods?
Had did Spanish poetry change after the Reconquista?
How many months did the Aztec calendar have? How many days per month? How many extra days?
How was the Spanish worldview influenced by other cultures? Or was it?
What could the pipiltin expect if they violated Aztec law?
How did one become part of the tlacotin?
What was the underlying controlling force in Aztec life?
What is a troubadour?
A society’s way of life includes three elements of worldview: social systems, economic and political systems and
Aztec society was guided by ___________ and was part of every aspect of life.
Education was free for ____________ in the Aztec society.
Unlike the Aztecs, the Spanish were aware of other ______________ and were able to use the knowledge gained
by this to expand their worldviews.
The title of ______________ was given to the highest class of nobility in Spain.
One of the biggest differences in worldviews between the Aztecs and the Spanish was their attitudes about
The Aztec emperor was elected by __________.
The Spanish king and queen were thought to be appointed by ______________.
In both the Spanish and Aztec societies it was the ___________ who provided the labor to keep the economy of
their empires flourishing.
The Aztecs would often use ________ instead of money to pay for products.