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Review Questions
1. What are the four types of architecture for multi user systems?
2. What are the four categories of controls discussed in this text ? Birefly
describe each category
3. Why is IT planning important to an organization?
4. Briefly describe three important controls related to organizing the IT functions
5. Figure 13.3 shows a typical organization for the IT function of a centralized
IS. Three other types of IT architecture were discussed in the chapter :
centralized IS with distributed data entry, decentralized, and distributed.
Discuss how you expect the IT organization to be different in each of these
cases from Figure 13.3
6. How are duties segregated within the IT function and between user groups and
the IT function?
7. List some personnel control plans that can help in ensuring an effective IT
8. Briefly describe three important controls related to identifying IT solutions
9. Briefly describe controls that can be used to ensure security of resources.
Focus on access to AIS applications
10. List some controls that can be used to ensure continuity of services