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Read the “Origins of Genetics” then answer the following questions.
1. The prefix mono- means “one.” How does this apply to the key term monohybrid cross?
2. What is the phenotype of the offspring of a true-breeding white-flowering plant.
3. If your grandparents are the P generation, who would the F1 generation be?
4. Who would be the F2 generation?
6. _____generation
The picture on the right
shows three generations of
plants. Insert the following
labels in
7. ____generation
9. ________
10. _______
the spaces provided:
cross-pollination, F1,
F2, P, self-pollination.
Read the “Mendel’s Theory” then answer the following questions.
1. What is used to represent dominant alleles?
2. What is used to represent recessive alleles?
3. Another plant is heterozygous for flower color. What does this mean?
4. A plant is homozygous for seed color. What does this mean?
5. Do some research to find out three interesting facts about Mendel.
8. ___generation