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Stadtverwaltung Teheran, Bezirk 1 über
Design planning
Tajrish Square (Tehran)
Underground shortcut
The popular and vibrant district of Tajrish is
located in the north of the city of Tehran.
Because of the growing population and increased motorisation, the city authorities
decided on measures to improve the local
infrastructure surrounding its historic centre. Tajrish Square and the area in front of the
mosque are to be freed from motorised traffic. To achieve this objective, there will be
connections from a road tunnel to the planned underground bus terminal. An alternative proposed by KREBS+KIEFER resulted in a
clear decision in favour of a two-level tunnel:
The space available for a cut-and-cover tunnel was very limited and the cross sections of
the tunnel were too variable to use mining
techniques. Two mountain streams which
would cross the tunnel presented major
KREBS+KIEFER was involved in the planning
process right up to tendering. An important
aim was to preserve as many as possible of
the existing trees. This had a decisive influence on the course of the road tunnel. A
specialist planner was also commissioned to
recommend measures during the construction process.