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Making the most of Authors – October 2005
Scheme of Work – Anthony Browne
Books the scheme is based around
The Tunnel
Opportunities for
(T2, T4, T5)
Group reading – read the books and the children
to give a synopsis of the story
Read the books to them – picking out literal
questions to show comprehension
Guided reading – Buddy questions – children to
ask each other a question about the text and one
about the illustrations
Children to look for evidence to support their
Think about these in all of the books – Likes Dislikes - Puzzles - Patterns
Can they ask a question that reads between the
lines? Can they ask a question that reads beyond
the lines? Can they ask a question that reads in
the lines?
Children to research the author – Anthony
Browne – focusing around these questions.
What skills has he developed in his life?
What does the title mean?
Who was important to him in his early life?
An opportunity for the children to include ICT in
Literacy – internet searches, presentations on
the author (Multimedia ICT Y6 6a)
Link discussion to the angle of the study – what
can the children identify as the most important
relationships in his life?
The Tunnel – tell the story from the viewpoint of
the boy or girl (T6)
Miss. H. Moon Grangefield School
Making the most of Authors – October 2005
Cross curricular links
Opening experience
Final experience
Reading comprehension
Write a summary of the book (T8)
Piggybook – write a play script (T9)
Link to drama/S&L/Role play
Focus of relationships – would need to find and
explore this section
Piggybook – discursive writing – from Mum to the
- Persuasion – from children to Mum – persuading
her to come home.
The Tunnel – Journalistic reports (T15)
Piggybook – interview Dad – hot seating
CV – (T14)
PSCHE – relationships
ICT – presenting and editing work
Multimedia presentation
Art – People in action
DT – slippers – make slippers for Dad
PE – Dance
Music – mood music
- songwriter
Pictures – peoples expressions – how would they
interact as a family
Trust activities – in partners, how far do they go
trusting their partner – leading round the room
blindfolded, falling back to be caught etc...
Change – become a different person, make up,
change clothes
Presentation to other year group – the children
read out the books, then do their acting out,
then the other year group then hot seat the
children and they ask questions about the books.
Ask the questions again that they asked at the
beginning – how much more do they know about
the books? How much better is their
Talk about the themes - the colour red, link that
to feelings.
Miss. H. Moon Grangefield School
Making the most of Authors – October 2005
Miss. H. Moon Grangefield School