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Ancient Greece in the 7th century BC was important for the creation of philosophy and development
of science. Although geomorphology didn’t exist as an independent science in this time, there were
the first attempts to explain and describe geomorphologic processes and landforms. The goal
of this bachelor thesis is to aggregate descriptions and explanations of these phenomena from works
of ancient Greek and Roman philosophers, historians and other authors. The main purpose is to point
out correct explanations and to explain the cause of these which are wrong. Main phenomena, which
were scholars focused on, were earthquakes, volcanism and the annual flood on the Nile River.
Greeks and Romans believed that the Earth’s relief is changing all the time. Relief landforms were
used during campaigns, in agriculture and for the foundation of cities. The scholars were able
to critically analyse theories of their ancestors. Despite the fact that some of the explanations were
different from these of today, it shows us that science in ancient Greece and Rome is an important
period for development of geomorphology and science in general.
Key words: geomorphology, ancient Greece and Rome, Mediterranean