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Well structured paper
Broad overview of the status of STI in Africa
Information of the WB and ADB
North Africa grouped with Middle East
Manufacturing picked as an illustrative case to characterise Africa’s industialisation
Competitive Industrial Performance Index (CIP), the Global Competitive Index (GCI) and the
Knowledge Economy Index (KEI) used for comparative analysis.
The paper picks also Tunisia in Africa for detailed comparison with India and Malaysia and draw
lessons for the rest of Africa.
The paper arrives as the same conclusion as arrived at using other set of indicators. The
conclusion is that Africa’s industrial performance is dismal.
The paper gives detailed definitions of Innovation and the complex National Innovations Systems
to assist policy makers to understand these concepts with a view to making informed policy
On STI the paper recommends investment in extensive training and research as necessary steps
toward transforming the continent into a knowledge society. He wisely recommends
concentrating the limited resources towards well targeted research.