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Mrs. Penman
Personality and Self- Esteem:
1- What are the three components of health?
2- What is the order of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?
3- Vocabulary: health, self- actualization, self- esteem, personality
Mental Disorders:
1- What are two ways that someone might self- injure?
2- What is the difference between anorexia nervosa and bulimia?
3- What are the 4 ways that someone might get a mental disorder?
4- Which mental disorder causes someone to see and hear things that are not there (split mind)?
5- Which mental disorder causes someone to switch between 2 or more personalities?
6- List some reasons why someone might consider suicide.
7- Vocabulary: phobia, anxiety
List the stages of stress that someone experiences in the correct order.
What is the difference between eustress & distress? Give an example of each.
List 3 short- term and long- term effects that stress has on the body.
What is it called when the body responds to stress?
Vocabulary: stressor, mental rehearsal, aggressive, passive, pessimistic, optimistic, extrovert,
Physiology (Body Systems):
1- Which gland is considered the “master gland?”
2- What do the glands in the endocrine system release?
3- List the glands that release fluid to make semen.
4- How long is the female menstrual cycle?
5- List all the parts of the female reproductive system.
6- What is an unborn baby called from the third month until birth?
7- Vocabulary- Endocrine system, puberty, hormone, embryo, premature birth
Immune System:
1- List the 4 ways that a person can get an infectious disease through contact.
2- What are the ways to develop passive immunity?
3- What are the ways to develop active immunity?
4- List the 3 levels of defense that your body uses to prevent disease.
5- Vocabulary- infectious disease, pathogen, t- cells, vaccine
Tobacco & Alcohol:
1- What happens to the body temperature when someone drinks alcohol?
2- What is the difference between a stimulant & a depressant?
3- Which type of drug is Tobacco? Which type of drug is alcohol?
4- How long does it take the body to eliminate one serving of alcohol?
5- What is the difference between a hangover & a blackout?
6- What is the percentage of alcohol in 90- proof vodka?
7- Vocabulary: sidestream smoke, fetal alcohol syndrome, chewing tobacco, second- hand smoker
Mrs. Penman
Illegal Drugs:
1- What is the difference between drug misuse and drug abuse?
2- What is the difference between drug synergism and drug antagonism?
3- What are two short- term effects of ecstasy?
4- List 3 short- term effects of anabolic steroids.
5- List 3 illegal drugs that are stimulants.
6- List 3 illegal drugs that are hallucinogens.
7- List 3 illegal drugs that are depressants.
Nutrition/ Fitness:
1- List the 5 components of fitness.
2- What is the formula to find someone’s maximum heart rate (MHR)?
3- What does FITT stand for in the FITT Principle?
4- How are ingredients listed on a food label (the order)?
5- Where does saturated fat come from? What form is it in at room temperature?
6- What is the difference between vitamins and minerals?
7- Vocabulary: organic, metabolism, vegetarian
Birth Control & STI’s:
1- Which barrier method prevents STI’s and pregnancy?
2- List the 5 modes of transmission for HIV.
3- List the STI’s caused by a virus.
4- List the STI’s caused by bacteria.
5- List the STI’s caused by parasites.
6- Which STI can cause cervical cancer and lead to genital warts?
7- What is the hormonal birth control that needs to be taken daily at the same time.
1- Vocabulary: Nuclear family, blended family, single- parent family
First Aid:
1. How should firearms be stored?
2. Where is the safest place during an earthquake?
3. How can you reduce your risk of a car crash?
4. What are the three C’s in First Aid?
5. Vocabulary: Stalker, rape, occupational illness