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Naval Science 2 Study Guide
Caught along the New England, Caribbean, and South African coasts are high-value
What type of precipitation can be expected from stratus clouds?
By the year 2000 The number of Navy ships and personal had fallen to around
300 ships and 370,000 people.
What American general was ordered out of the Philippines in March 1942 to take command of the defense of Australia?
The ability of a nation to defend her own sea communications and to deny the enemy the use of the sea to carry on a war is called
sea power.
Temperature in the stratosphere averages a fairly constant
-40 degrees F to -50 degrees F
Leadership depends upon
The job to be done.
The followers.
The leader.
The cadet who shows lack of self-importance, not being boastful about oneself is demonstrating _____________.
When the Bashaw of Tripoli refused to cooperate in the release of U.S. crewmen, Commodore Preble decided to
use force.
10. In the summer, what zones are jet streams over?
North of most of the main commercial air lanes
11. The Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands is administered and defended by
the United States on behalf of the United Nations.
12. The U.S. Navy made its last direct contribution to the fight against Germany by
transporting troops across the Rhine River in West Germany.
13. The first people known to use sea power were the sailors and traders of ancient.
14. The true beginning of the space age started with the launch of Sputnik I in :
15. What tactic caused Allied shipping losses from U-boat attacks to decline after May 1917?
The Convoy System
16. Chemistry is the study of
Matter and how it changes under various conditions.
17. Major fisheries along the northeast coast of the United States and Canada yield abundant catches of
cod, haddock, and ocean perch.
18. The science that deals with the motion of bodies moving through air and other gases is known as ___________.
19. All of the below are a result of the British government's orders in council EXCEPT
Britain was prohibited to trade in the West Indies.
20. Esteem needs consist of
self-respect, status, and recognition by others.
21. One of the key navigation chokepoints in the world is in the Indian Ocean at
the Strait of Malacca.
22. Select four correct leadership techniques.
Getting cooperation, establishing discipline, giving orders, and commands
23. What are two of the weapons found to be effective in attacking the German U-boats in World War I?
Depth charges and submarine chasers
24. The boundary of the magnetosphere is called the
25. Cloud sequences may occur________ miles in advance of the front itself.
26. Water exists as a liquid between the temperatures of
32 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit
27. Which of the following motivating factors is considered most important?
Feeling that one's work is meaningful
28. The amount of the force of gravity on a body at a given location is known as __________Weight
29. Power or energy exerted against a body in a given direction is known as:
30. What planet is called the "red" planet?
31. The U. S. Congress declared war on England on
18 June 1812.
32. That part of the continent on which Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Somalia are located is known as the
Horn of Africa.
33. The strategic entrance to the Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean is through the
Strait of Gibraltar.
34. Ohm's law maybe expressed as an equation I=E/R, where "E" represents:
Voltage in volts.
35. Which of the following factors most significantly affect ship stability?
Center of gravity and buoyancy
36. What Arms Treaty signed in January 1993 between the U.S. and Russia was called, "the broadest disarmament pact in history."
37. What are the objectives of the U.S. Naval Institute?
To provide advanced professional training that pertains to the U. S. Navy and the navies of the world
38. The Japanese objective in Leyte Gulf was to
destroy the Amphibious Task Force.
39. The cadet that shows through their actions that they are true, honest, correct, straight forward and trustworthy demonstrates
40. What aviation weather forecasts give conditions for landings and takeoffs at fields enroute?
41. High underwater plateaus with an abundance of marine vegetation are
best for commercial fishing.
42. The complacency of the American public following victory in World War II can be attributed to
a belief that the United Nations could solve whatever international problems might arise.
the knowledge that the United States had a monopoly on the atomic bomb.
a widespread desire by knowledgeable leaders to return to isolationism in foreign policy.
43. The Japanese headquarters in the Marshall Islands were at
44. In order to maintain high morale in a unit, the following must be present:
Discipline and efficiency.
45. What layer within the ionspheric region shields the Earth from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the Sun?
46. In the years leading up to World War II the U.S. restricted the sale of oil and scrap metal to
47. The nature of a star can be best determined from its ____________.
48. Operation Torch was the code word for the planned invasion of
French North Africa.
49. Leaders can help to motivate subordinates by
providing opportunities for each person to develop their personal talents.
50. The Moon is actually a poor reflector of light, with what percentage of light reflected?
less than 15 percent
51. What military event in 1958 demonstrated that the Sixth Fleet was a force-in-being capable of decisive action?
Lebanese operation
52. When did Congress finance the start of the Colonial Navy?
53. During World War I, what was the main mission of the Channel Fleet?
Keep the English Channel safe for passage of British troops and supplies to France.
54. _____ as well as liquids exert upward buoyant forces.
55. From the U. S. military standpoint, the most important sea lanes are those between the United States,
Western Europe, and the Middle East.
56. During the War of 1812, the U. S. Navy
was clearly outnumbered by the Royal Navy.
57. Who led Maine backwoodsmen in the first American capture of a British ship?
Jeremiah O'Brien
58. The Persian Gulf country that was the site of the largest military ground offensive since World War II in 1991 is
59. What mission was the last U.S. lunar landing in 1972?
Apollo 17
60. What happens to water as it freezes?
It expands
61. The planet which can be seen as a bright early evening or morning star because of its orbit between the Earth and the Sun is
62. To whom did the Russians surrender(late in 1917) during World War I?
63. What U.S. Destroyer had a large hole blown in her Port Side while in port at Yemen?
USS Cole
64. During the years between World Wars I and II, pacifists urged the country to
cut military spending.
65. The source of lightning in thunderhead clouds is
static electricity.
66. A Thunderstorm develops in ______ stages.
67. _________ causes the spreading of radio waves behind obstructions.
68. Halfway between the new and full moon, when the forces of the sun and moon are opposed, there is less difference between low
and high tides. These tides are called
neap tides
69. The Navy is called upon to help eliminate oil pollution in U.S. waters by working closely with the
Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Coast Guard.
70. The Confederates had designed the CSS Virginia with one purpose in mind. What was their purpose?
To break the Union's blockade
71. Which of the following statements best describe the main mission of the Galileo spacecraft launched in 1989?
Investigate the atmosphere and composition of Jupiter.
72. Theodore Roosevelt led his regiment of cavalrymen into battle in 1898 in Cuba. These men were known as the
Rough Riders.
73. What is the formula for changing degrees in Fahrenheit to degrees in Celsius?
Celsius =5/9 [F-32]
74. Who was elected President in November 1952?
Dwight Eisenhower
75. The means devised to keep U.S. carrier task forces and amphibious forces in operation far from established bases was the
underway replenishment logistic support system.
76. What are the equatorial belt of light and variable converging winds called?
77. The Vichy French forces of World War II were referred to as French forces aligned with
the Axis powers.
78. Why did President Jefferson Davis use privateers during the Civil War?
To weaken the Union's economic strength
To capture Union commercial goods
To destroy the Union's blockade
79. The Emancipation Proclamation of September 22, 1862, freed all slaves in the Confederate States as of January 1, 1863. In 1865
Congress added an amendment to the Constitution which ended slavery in the United States. What was that amendment?
80. In the southwestern part of the North Pacific, most tropical cyclones are born between
The Marshall Islands and the Philippines
81. At new moon what is the alignment of the Earth, Moon, and Sun?
The Moon is between the Earth and the Sun
82. America realized that in order to develop a strong, first-class Navy it had to build and control its ship building projects
in shipyards throughout America.
83. The main eastern and Gulf Coast commercial shipyards that handle major shipbuilding programs for the U. S. Navy are located at
Bath, Maine; Newport News, Virginia; and Quincy, Massachusetts.
84. The major oil-producing country in the world is
Saudi Arabia.
85. Which of the following is a characteristic of the mature stage of the thunderstorm?
Updrafts and downdrafts within the storm producing cloud
86. Today, the telescope and its fine cameras are usually operated by
87. The most important commercial fishing operations in the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico are for
shrimp, menhaden, and langusta.
88. A substance that has few free electrons is called
An insulator.
89. Navy weather units are maintained with all major
aviation units.
fleet flagships.
combatant and auxiliary vessels.
90. One of the easiest Allied conquests of the war was
91. Which planet was discovered by astronomers trying to learn why Uranus did not always travel its regular orbit?
92. To whom did the Japanese make their initial “peace feelers?? to end the Pacific War?
Soviet Union
93. Some smooth plains on the moon's surface are old craters filled with lava or volcanic ash are know as
94. During the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor one U.S. battleship exploded after a bomb set off her ammunition magazines. That ship
was the
USS Arizona.
95. Why does a metal ship float?
Buoyant force.
96. Each of the services must maintain their own weather agency. For the Navy, this is the mission of the
Naval Meteorological and Oceanography Command
97. A freely falling body accelerates at the rate of.
32 feet per second/per second
98. The whirling fountains of hot gases that come out of the sun’s interior are called?
99. What meteorological instrument(s) was/were developed in the 17th century?
Barometers, Wind-measuring devices, and improved thermometers
100. Of the following, which was probably the most significant, contributing factor to the invasion, which started the Korean War?
Slowness of American foreign policy to authorize adequate and timely training of a South Korean Army.