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Chapter 10
capitalist part of it - that that first thing is earning money with it and [then
to] see what you’ll do, but it’s more like you want to do something and then
hopefully you make a living with this... in that way I think it’s political.
All in all then, for those searching an ‘open’ reading of Improvised Music performance,
these findings may be of little consequence, but for those seeking an ‘emic’ understanding,
such social and political beliefs serve to further elucidate the intentions of the musicians
interviewed here. This section establishes that it would be incorrect to describe the
scene, as a whole, as ‘political’ (in many cases, therefore, it would not be worthwhile
to search for political intention in musical outcomes), but nonetheless, it identifies the
ideologies that underlay the Improvised Music-making of many of Berlin’s improvisers,
providing insight into the social and political models represented in these remaining