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Asteroids, Comets, and Pluto: The Small Pieces
Anticipation Guide
Directions: Answer the following questions by circling the correct response. Do your best!
1. There is a mathematical formula for the spacing of planets.
True False
2. Asteroids are categorized into 5 basic groups.
True False
3. Accretion is the process through which planets are formed.
True False
4. The asteroid belt lies between Jupiter and Saturn.
True False
5. Most planets orbit in an elliptical pattern.
True False
6. Scientists suggest that an asteroid hitting the earth caused the
extinction of dinosaurs.
True False
7. There are three theories explaining why there is no planet
in the asteroid belt area.
True False
8. If a meteor hits the earth it is called a meteorite.
True False
9. Pluto is categorized as a gas giant.
True False
10. Pluto shares its orbit with Kuiper Belt objects.
True False
11. Comets have five parts.
True False
12. The Oort Cloud can be found in the farthest reaches of the solar system.
True False
13.The Oort Cloud is affected by the sun's gravitational pull.
True False
14. Comets are always moving towards the sun.
True False
15. An estimated ten tons of space dust fall on Earth every day.
True False
After viewing the program, review your answers. See how many questions you answered correctly.
Review the ones you answered incorrectly.
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