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Can you help me solve these healthy food riddles to complete this crossword puzzle?
1. a crescent-shaped yellow fruit that goes well with almond butter or
sliced into cereal
2. a custard-like food with a tart flavor, prepared from milk curdled
by bacteria
3. a vegetable loved by rabbits for its crunch
4. a fruit like an apple that rhymes with share
5. a food made from milk that goes well on salads, pasta, and pizza
6. also known as a legume, high in protein and fiber, often used as a
meat substitute
7. a vegetable preferred popped or on the cob
8. a fruit named for its color
9. a fruit that starts with the first letter of the alphabet
10. a sweet, summer berry that starts with an ā€œsā€
11. a white or brown grain eaten with stir fry or in a burrito
PDE: 1.2.3.E,1.2.4.E,1.2.5.E