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Muscles, Bones, and Movement Quiz Answers
1. True or False: When smooth muscles contract, bones move.
false 2. True or False: Tendons join two bones to each other.
false 3. What is a flexor muscle?
The flexor is the muscle that contracts to cause a joint to bend. 4. What is an extensor muscle?
The extensor is the muscle that contracts to cause a joint to straighten. 5. What is a tendon?
A tendon is a tough band of connective tissue that connects a muscle to a bone. 6. The biceps work together with the
a) pectorals.
b) triceps.
c) quadriceps.
d) muscles.
7. Which muscles are used to move the arms forward and backward?
a) quadriceps and pectorals.
b) biceps and triceps.
c) pectorals and trapezius.
d) biceps and pectorals.
8. Which muscles are used to bend the knee?
a) quadriceps and hamstrings
b) pectorals and trapezius
c) hamstrings and trapezius
d) quadriceps and pectorals
9. If your heart contracts 75 times a minute, how many times does it
contract each day?
a) about 2,000
b) about 10,000
c) slightly over 100,000
d) about 1,000,000
10. Which of the following are functions of smooth muscle?
a) helps a woman to push out her baby
b) regulates air flow in lungs
c) move food through the digestive tract
d) all of the above