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How would you direct Act 3 Scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet for a
contemporary audience at the Globe Theatre?
Remember, you should still be using Point-Quotation-Evidence
paragraphs in this essay. Keep referring to the words Shakespeare has
used and how you want your audience to react to and feel about the
events and each character.
• How does Act 3 Scene 1 fit into the structure of Romeo and Juliet?
• Major differences between an audience in 1590 and 2000
“Two households both alike in dignity”
• Explain the feud between the families
• How will you make the feud relevant to a modern audience?
• How you’ll show the difference on stage
Staging – bring out the themes of the play
• How will you use props on stage – why?
• How you’ll make use of the Globe stage (heavens, hell, pillars, doors, open
ceiling, the audience)
• Music and lighting (remember the limitations of the Globe)
• How each character fits into the scene; how they start and end it
• Their costume (does this emphasise any aspect of their character?)
• How the characters behave (how they act certain sections or lines)
• How the audience should feel about them during this scene (it can change)
• How you want the audience to feel going into the last part of the play
• How you have made the play exciting and relevant for a modern audience
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