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Jun, 2012
The Challenge
Breakout noise in open plan production facilities can be an enormous problem . Ventac was called into
Stryker Orthopaedics to solve the noise problems being experienced in an area that required the
operation of a high pressure washer. This process was causing some issues with noise at work for other
members of staff in the surrounding areas.
Why Ventac
Ventac have many years experience in the field of industrial noise and were easily able to design and
supply an effective acoustic solution.
A recent quote from Stryker’s Maintenance Manager, Albert Cummins, “Ventac’s experience in noise
solutions and ventilation expertise made them the ideal partner choice to develop this solution. They put
forward great ideas throughout the project. The best part for me was that we supplied the problem and
they came back with a finished complete solution. They are very experienced in their field and the area
was left as they found it upon completion. Overall we were very happy with the service and solution they
High Pressure Solution
Roof View With Ventilation
Solution Rear View
The Solution
A number of options were put forward, but an acoustic enclosure was finally decided on because of its
estimated noise reduction level. Additional elements were added to the design to make it a more userfriendly solution. These included the addition of vision panes to give a more open feeling for workers
when working in this area. A ventilation system was also added to reduce heat build up within the
The solution was installed over a weekend period so to reduce the impact on the production line and to