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 L OUD OBJECTS: NOISE TOY WORKSHOP THURSDAY, MARCH 15, 5:30PM Loud Objects present an introductory workshop on electronics and sound. Participants will learn how to solder and build the Noise Toy, a simple hardware synthesizer based on the same microchips the Loud Objects use in performance. By generating sound with code, the project uses a minimum of electronic components: battery, microchip and audio output, with two buttons that affect various parameters of the sound. As consumer electronics become increasingly complex, this basic circuit reflects an interest in the transparency of function, and the path of electricity can be traced from power source to speaker. This first workshop focuses on hardware; a second future workshop will teach the basics of code-­‐based sound synthesis. (The Loud Objects are an electronic music and art group from New York, including Kunal Gupta, Katie Shima and Tristan Perich. The trio perform by building custom audio circuits live with soldering irons, exploring the sounds of electricity, synthesized in simple circuits by microchips and amplified by speakers. They have staged their constructions on top of overhead projectors, slide projectors, flourescent light towers, and other objects since 2005, skirting the worlds of noise rock, contemporary music, circuit-­‐bending, and chiptunes.) More Info: Contact: [email protected]