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Panama Canal
Directions: Answer the text dependent questions as
you read.
The Monroe Doctrine and
Roosevelt Corollary
By 1823, the United States was the “boss” of
the Western Hemisphere and issues a message to
Europeans of keep out with the Monroe Doctrine. It
stated that if another country, primarily European
country were to attempt to interfere in the
Americas, the U.S. would protect their interests. In
1904, President Theodore Roosevelt added to the
Monroe Doctrine with his “Roosevelt Corollary”.
This meant that the US had the right to intervene
militarily, and economically in the affairs of Latin
America. Latin America thought of it as Economic
Panama Canal
America wanted to build a canal to connect
its empire in Panama which was then a part of
Columbia. Columbia refused to allow Americans to
build the canal. America encouraged a rebellion by
Panama and sent their navy to assist. Panama
became its own country and US got its canal.
Why a Canal?
The idea of a canal connecting the Atlantic
and the Pacific Ocean had been discussed for many
years by the U.S. Such a canal would cut travel time
for U.S. military and commercial ships. The United
States saw this as an excellent business opportunity
and would make the U.S. dominate in shipping in
the Americas.
How did the United States act towards
European countries?
What documents did the United States issue
and for what purpose?
What stood in the way of the United States
building a canal in Panama?
Why did the United States want a canal
through Latin America?
Panama Canal
Directions: Answer the text dependent questions as
you read.
The narrow strip of land in Panama was a logical
place to build it. However, at this time Colombia
owned the land and refused to sell it to the U.S.
The U.S., led by President Theodore Roosevelt, was
determined to get the land.
U.S. Supported Rebellion
The U.S. helped organize a Panamanian rebellion
against Colombia. Theodore Roosevelt sent eleven
U.S. warships to Panama. On November 3, 1903,
Panama declared its independence from Colombia.
Deal to Build Canal
Just 15 days after winning their independence,
Panama signed a deal allowing the U.S. to build the
canal. 43,000 workers were employed to build the
canal. More than 5,600 workers died from
accidents and disease.. The canal officially opened
for business on August 15, 1914.
Why did the United States want to use
Panama for a canal and what stood in the way?
How did the United States respond to the
refusal to sell the land for cheap?
What challenges lay ahead for the
construction of the canal? Was it ever finished?