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Mrs. Woods’ First Grade
The Sun, Moon, and Stars
Is the Sun a star?
• The Sun is the closest star to Earth.
• It makes its own heat and light.
• The earth orbits around the sun.
• It gives the earth heat and light.
The Earth rotates once every 24 hours.
Each time the Earth rotates we have one
day and one night. When we are on the
sun side of the earth, we have daylight.
When we rotate away from the sun, we
have night.
The moon rotates around the
Earth. On many nights, we
can see it, but it does not make
its own light. The Sun lights the
The Earth revolves around the Sun.
The path it takes is called the Earth’s
Orbit. It takes one YEAR to go around
the Sun.
Groups of stars seem to make shapes in
the sky. These are constellations.
The earth is wrapped in the air
we breathe and surrounded by
moist white clouds.
Our atmosphere is made up mostly of two gases,
Nitrogen and oxygen. All living things need
Oxygen to survive.
The earth travels around the sun, our source
of light and heat. The earth also rotates,
or spins during it’s journey. The countries
that are turned toward the sun get daylight.
This is it, our shining star!