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Timeline of Ancient Rome
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ca. 1200 BCE
ca. 1000 BCE
ca. 1000-800 BCE
753 BCE
ca. 750 BCE
509 BCE
450 BCE
265 BCE
264-241 BCE
218-201 BCE
149-146 BCE
133 BCE
133 BCE
123 BCE
107 BCE
91-82 BCE
60-53 BCE
59 BCE
58-51 BCE
48 BCE
45 BCE
44 BCE
31 BCE
30 BCE-14 CE
27 BCE-180 CE
14-476 CE
476 CE
527-565 CE
Latins migrate to Italy
Etruscans migrate to Italy
Settlements established on the Palatine Hill
Legendary founding of Rome by Romulus and Remus
Greeks migrate to Italy
Etruscan kings overthrown under leadership of Lucius Junius Brutus, founder of the
Roman Republic, following the rape of Lucretia
The Twelve Tables -- Rome's first written laws
Rome controls all of the Italian peninsula
First Punic War
Second Punic War
Third Punic War
Rome the sole power in the Mediterranean
Tiberius Gracchus murdered after suggesting land reform
Gaius Gracchus murdered after seeking reforms
Gaius Marius elected consul
Lucius Sulla leads military victories abroad while engaged in civil war against Marius
First Triumvirate
Julius Caesar elected consul
Caesar's conquest of Gaul
Caesar defeats Pompey in Greece
Caesar has military victories in Asia Minor, Egypt, northern Africa, and Spain
Caesar assassinated on the Ides of March
Octavian's forces defeat Antony and Cleopatra at the Battle of Actium
Age of Augustus (Octavian)
Pax Romana—the Roman Peace
Rule of the later Roman emperors
Fall of the Western Roman Empire as last emperor, Romulus Augustus, deposed by a
barbarian invader, Odoacer
Emperor Justinian reigns in the East and establishes the Code of Justinian
Fall of the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium) to the Ottoman Turks
Directions: Use approximate numbers to answer each question.
1. How long after the Latins entered Italy were settlements established on the Palatine Hill?
2. How long did the Roman Republic last?
3. How long did the Western Roman Empire last?
4. How much time elapsed between the writing of the Twelve Tables and the Justinian Code?