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Timeline Activity
You will use the link to create a timeline including at least five (5) of the events
listed below. For each event, you must do the following:
 List the date
 List the event
 Write 1 to 2 sentences summarizing the event
 Add a picture
The timeline must be in chronological order. When you finish, save and print the timeline to turn in.
You MUST include these two events:
** 2300 BCE First Empire in World History
Sargon I of the Akkadians conquers most of the Sumerian city-states and creates the Akkadian Empire
**612 BCE New Babylonian Empire
Medes take control from Assyrians and move the capital back to Babylon
Choose three of the following:
 1700 BCE Epic of Gilgamesh
 1200 BCE Iron Age
 1800 BCE Cuneiform in use
 1790 BCE Hammurabi of Babylon
 605 BCE Nebuchadnezzar begins reign