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January 30, 2015
Bob Barrar, one of the most decorated and celebrated brewers in the country, has announced that he is
building a new brewery in his native Delaware County (Delco) with the gents from Two Stones Pub.
Barrar, known for his sincerity and modesty as well as his 19 Great American Beer Festival and 10 World
Beer Cup medals while with Iron Hill Brewery in Media, says he is both “excited and nervous to start this
new chapter. It’s exciting to have my own brewery, but will the people like it? I sure hope so!”
Two Stones Pub has made itself a destination for great American craft beer in Delaware and Southeastern Pennsylvania. Michael Stiglitz, a graduate of the Culinary Institue of America, and Ben Muse, who
has orchestrated beer lists at craft beer focused restaurants for 10 years, founded their gastro pub in
Newark, Delaware in 2011. The restaurant quickly earned credibility for having the best selections of craft
beer in the area and offering a menu which consistently over-delivered on quality. Establishing themselves with additional locations in Wilmington and Kennett Square the restaurants had access to Michael
and Ben’s favorite beers, except those by their favorite brewer, Bob Barrar.
Stiglitz was approached by Barrar, his former Iron Hill co-worker, about opening a brewery. What drew
them together was their attitude about their respective crafts. Stiglitz says that “what sold me on doing
this with Bob was that he loves beer like I love food. The money and the fame mean little compared to
the smiles you see and the “mmmm’s” you hear.” When invited to Bob’s house to discuss a possible
brewery Stiglitz asked to see his trophy room of medals. To his surprise, Stiglitz says “Bob had to think
hard about where he had put his awards. That’s when I knew he’s about passion, excellence, and hard
work, not ornaments. That is who we are.”
2SP Brewing will bring Barrar’s most sought after beers to a wider market. Known for his highly decorated Imperial Stout as well as his IPAs and Lagers, Barrar will explore and expand on those styles, among
many others. 2SP Brewing will also feature an extensive barrel aging program using a variety of whiskey
and wine barrels. Brewing on a 20bbls system, 2SP Brewing will initially be offered at the Two Stones Pub
locations and the 2SP Brewing tasting room, which will open at a later date. “Once we feel we have our
feet underneath us and Bob has perfected his craft on a new system, we will begin to distribute in the PA
and DE markets,” says Michael Contreras, Director of Sales and Marketing at 2SP Brewing. Contreras, a
Dogfish Head and Rogue Ales & Spirits alum, adds that “we will initially be self-distributed in PA, but will
be interviewing for a distributor partner” and will be “seeking an immediate distributor partnership
in Delaware.”
Ben Muse who will be transitioning to the brewery will continue to oversee the beer lists at the Two
Stones Pubs. In keeping with its philosophy of “Believe Nothing. Try Everything,” 2SP Brewing only plans
to offer 6-8 of its beers at the pubs which currently maintain 20+ draft lines. Ben plans to continue to live
that philosophy even though, as Ben has said, “having Bob Barrar as our brewer, a truly World Class
brewer, is an amazing opportunity.” But at the end of the day Ben says, “we love beer and our customers
share that passion. We’re confident that people will love the beer we make, but if our customers aren’t in
the mood to drink 2SP beer they can still choose from the great American craft beers that we think we
should be next to. Don’t believe in hype, believe nothing and try everything.”
2SP Brewing is looking forward to establishing itself in Barrar’s home of Delco, an area that the 2SP
Brewing team has grown much attached to. When asked why Delco, Stiglitz a Camden County native
said that “there’s the same blood, same hard work and blue collar attitude that I grew up with.” Delco is
“perfect for us. It is who we are. Pretentious? Never. Passionate? Always.”