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Widely considered the world’s oldest religion. Many people suggest that
Hinduism in not a religion, much like Christianity or Judaism, but more of a
way of life. Hinduism evolved around 1500 BCE
None. Hinduism derives from
the word "India” and refers to
traditions and philosophies that
have evolved over thousands of
Sacred Texts
Vedas - time and life are cyclical.
Cycle of birth and rebirth is known
as samsara
Upinshads - escape the cycle of
rebirth, how to leave samsara
Basic Tenants of Hinduism
Universal Spirit or Brahman
Hindu thinkers came to believe that everything in the universe was part of the
unchanging, all-powerful spiritual force called brahman.
Each of the three main Hindu deities
represents a part of the life cycle: Brahma the
creator, Vishnu the preserver, and Shiva the
destroyer. Upon destruction, Hindus believe
that the cycle of creation, preservation, and
destruction begins again.
Basic Tenants of Hinduism
To Hindus, every person has an essential self, or atman. For
Hindus, the ultimate goal of existence is to achieve moksha
(MAHK SHUH), or union with brahman. To accomplish this – you
must free yourself from selfish desires. Because Hindus believe
that this goal cannot be completed in just one lifetime, they believe
in reincarnation. Thus, through reincarnation, you are able to
continue working towards moksha.
All actions of a person’s life that affect their next life
Religious and moral duties. These duties vary
according to class, occupation, gender, or age. By
obeying one’s dharma, a person acquires merit for
the next life.
Hinduism provides direction to the daily lives of Hindus. It teaches that people should
remain in their social group or caste
 Central to Hinduism is the belief in reincarnation.
 Hindus believe that after a person dies, they will be re-born as
some other creature or thing.
 What you are re-born as depends on your “Karma” or the deeds
you did in your previous life. If you did good deeds, you will
reborn into a higher, better life. If you had bad Karma, you may
be re-born as an insect or even a tree.
Caste System
 Caste System - rigid class structure based on Hinduism which is
found in India.
 Believed that if one leads a good life, following good karma and
dharma, they will be rewarded by being reincarnated as a person
belonging to the next highest level in the Caste System.
 If one is wicked during their life, they will be demoted, and possibly
even removed from the Caste System altogether.
Caste System
 Outcasts, or Untouchables, are members of Hindu society thought
to have been removed from the Caste System, with no hope of
returning to it, due to their misdeeds in previous lives.
 Work that is deemed unclean for all other Hindus is reserved for
these Outcasts.
Caste System
Caste System
The caste system is an important part of Hinduism. Caste are social groups into
which people are born and out of which they cannot move during a lifetime.
In This Life
A Person
Is born into
a caste
In Next Life
TTYN – complete the graphic organizer with important facts about Hinduism
Sacred Texts
Vedas and