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Do Now: Why do you believe human beings
need to form governments? List at least three
1. We would be in a state of constant warfare.
Life would be “nasty, brutish and short.”
Hobbes called this world without government
the “state of nature.”
2. They would be destroyed or impossible to
carry out because of the instability and fear.
3. Violent, dishonest, greedy, competitive,
4. Believed the ideal government was an absolute
Social Contract: People should be willing to give up
some freedoms to the king in return for peace,
safety and order. People never have the right to
rebel against their government.
Do you agree with Hobbes’ view of human
beings? Why or why not?
Would you support the creation of the kind of
government Hobbes describes? Why or why
1. Consent (permission) of the people
2. Life, liberty and property
3. Overthrow the government, replace it with a
new government.
4. When the ruler uses his power not for the
good of the people, but for his own advantage.
When the ruler ignores written laws.