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Mesopotamia Geography Review
Chapters 5 and 9
1 What does the Greek word “Mesopotamia” mean? Chapter 5
2 What are the two rivers that Mesopotamia is located in between? Chapter 5
3 What is the name of the material left behind by the flooding that provided fertile
farmland? (This is why people settled there.) You can find help in chapter five.
4 What is the large arc of rich farmland called in this region?
5 What continent is Mesopotamia located on?
6 Locate Mesopotamia on the map below. (Just try to shade or color in the area. Map homework will help. Pg. 108 too.)
7 What is the country that most people associate Mesopotamia with today?
8 What is this country’s capital?
9 What is the major climate of this region? (Page 111 and 222 can help.)
10 What is an oasis? (Chapter 9 can help.)
11 Water is a valuable resource in this area. Describe their wells using the terms wadis
and fossil water. (Chapter 9 can help.)
B1 What is one other country that is located on the region of the former Mesopotamia?
(Your map on page 108 and the maps on my front board can help with this question and the Middle East map activity.)
B2 What is another nickname of Mesopotamia besides the answer to # 4? (We read about
it in the “National Geographic book.”
Vocabulary to know:
Fossil Water
Fertile Crescent (What is it and where is it?)
You will need these six terms for the “Mesovocabulary” activity.