Download sr 2017 (gibraltar rd.) over schuylkill river project

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This project involves the rehabilitation of a 6-span bridge carrying S.R. 2017 (Gibraltar Rd.) over the Schuylkill
River in Exeter and Robeson Townships, Berks County, Pennsylvania. The two lane S.R. 2017 is classified as an
urban minor arterial and carries approximately 7,299 vehicles per day. The rehabilitated structure will maintain a
similar out-to-out width as the existing, and will provide two traffic lanes and two shoulders including a widened
east shoulder with additional capacity for a future sidewalk or multi-use trail. A detour utilizing SR 724, I-176 and
US 422 is proposed although access to each end of the bridge project limits will be maintained for local residents
and Exeter Scenic River Trail users. Construction is anticipated to begin in early 2017 and will utilize Accelerated
Bridge Construction (ABC) techniques to minimize construction duration.
Proposed Cross Section
Photo 1: SR 2017, looking South
(Exeter Scenic Trail at Lower Right)
Photo 2: East Bridge Elevation
looking Southwest
Proposed East Elevation
Project Location Map
Rehabilitation of the Gibraltar Rd (SR 2017) Bridge
over the Schuylkill River – Exeter & Robeson Twps.
Existing Bridge Background Information
• 6-Span Prestressed Concrete Adjacent Box Beam Bridge
• Built in 1974 to replace bridge destroyed by Hurricane Agnes
• Overall Length – 460’-0”; Out-to-Out Width – 53’-7½”
• Roadway – Two 12’ Travel Lanes & 10’ Shoulders
• Sidewalk – 5’-0” Wide on East (Downstream) Side only
• Gibraltar Road (SR 2017) Classification – Urban Minor Arterial
• Average Daily Traffic – 7,299 Vehicles
• Asphalt Riding Surface with Delineators in Shoulders
• Reinforced Concrete Piers and Abutments
Brief Project History
• Project Design NTP & Bridge Inspection – Late 2014
• Engineering Analysis & Environmental/Cultural Coordination
• Preliminary Design Phase Nearing Completion – Spring 2016
Rehabilitation of the Gibraltar Rd (SR 2017) Bridge
over the Schuylkill River – Exeter & Robeson Twps.
Proposed Bridge
• Full Superstructure Replacement
• Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC)
• Reuse and Rehabilitation of Piers & Abuts
• NEXT Beam Type D – Deck Incorporated
• At Roadway Level – Basically the Same
• Open Railing System on Concrete Curb
• Exception – Sidewalk Elimination
• Minimal Approach Roadway Impacts
Wide Shoulder Accommodates a Future Multi-Use Trail
Rehabilitation of the Gibraltar Rd (SR 2017) Bridge
over the Schuylkill River – Exeter & Robeson Twps.
Proposed Construction
• Road Closed During Construction
• Official Detour – SR 724 to I-176 to US 422, 5.9 Miles
• Anticipated Start – Early 2017
• Access Maintained to Driveways/Exeter Scenic Trail
• Detour Duration – 3 Months
• No Anticipated Property Acquisition
• Proposed Temporary Use of Property along West Side