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Physical Anthropology
Midterm Study Guide
Review the following anthropological concepts. Look to your quizzes as aides, and
make sure you can apply the vocabulary words to hypothetical situations
-What (who) Anthropologists study
Guanine = Cytosine
-The 4 traditional fields of Anthropology
Adenine = Thymine
-What defines a species
-What is biocultural evolution
…also know what
-microevoultion vs. macroevolution
Uracil is, where it is
-The subfields of Physical Anthropology
found, and what it
-The scientific method
-Hypothesis vs. Theory
-Beliefs about species before the Enlightenment
-Beliefs about the earth before the Enlightenment
-Know why the following people are important, what theories/viewpoints they created/held, and
how they did/did not contribute to the theory of evolution:
-John Ray
-Carolus Linnaeus
-Jean-Baptiste Lamarck
Be able to recognize the amino acids
-Georges Cuvier
that mRNA Codons code for
-George Louis Leclerc de Buffon
(Table 3.1 on page 54)
-Charles Lyell
-Thomas Malthus
-Erasmus Darwin
-Charles Darwin
-Alfred Russell Wallace
-Mary Anning
- how Natural Selection works
-The components and functions of a cell
-Somatic Cells vs. Gametes
-X and Y chromosomes
-How a Zygote is formed
-What a chromosome is made up of, the two types of chromosomes
-How many chromosomes are in somatic cells, how many chromosomes are in gametes
-What DNA is composed of
-What enzymes are
-The entire process of DNA replication
-What RNA, the two types of RNA and how RNA differs from DNA
-Exons vs. Introns
-What is meiosis and mitosis and how do they differ
-What types of things produce genetic variations in populations
-Gregor Mendel’s contributions to inheritance
-Phenotype vs. Genotype
Review your movie notes!
-Polygentic traits vs. Mendellian traits
-How mutations occur and how they are passed on
-Genetic drift vs. Gene flow
-Chordata, vertebrates
-homologies vs. analogies
-ancestral vs. derived vs. shared derived traits and how these are/are not important to cladistic
analysis and traditional evolutionary systematics
-Differences between reptiles and mammals
-adaptive radiation
-gradualism vs. punctuated equilibrium
-Specialized and Generalized traits in Primates
-The locomoter pattern of primates and which primates prefer which pattern
-General differences between New and Old World monkeys
-Make sure you can name all the primates in the Ape family
-K vs. R selection
-Quantitative vs. Qualitative data
Know how to
draw and interpret
a Punnet square!