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The National Theatre of Scotland is proud to invite you to become
one of our Patrons and to help us create unforgettable experiences
for people across Scotland and beyond.
Our Patrons are individuals, couples and families who want to get
involved with the National Theatre of Scotland and make a real
difference to what we do.
It’s for people who want to enjoy a special relationship with the
National Theatre of Scotland and, in turn, play a vital role in creating
contemporary Scottish theatre for audiences at home and on the
world stage.
Patrons are an important part of the company and get right to the
heart of our work. Patrons receive invitations to opening nights,
attend ‘behind the scenes’ tours and talks, enjoy ‘meet the cast’
opportunities, special events and much more.
As a Patron you will join an inspirational group of supporters
who help make the National Theatre of Scotland the remarkable
organisation it is.
This is the chance to be part of something very special.
“Deserves to tour for eternity” The Guardian
The Herald
The Scotsman
“Timeless” Daily Record
The Scotsman
Founded in 2006, the National Theatre of Scotland has quickly
established itself as one of the world’s most exciting theatre companies.
We were the first national theatre company to make the radical
decision not to have our own venue, and instead take our awardwinning work wherever there is an audience to enjoy it, throughout
Scotland and beyond.
This unique ‘theatre without walls’ model has meant that in just a
few short years years we have performed the length and breadth
of Scotland, from theatres to village halls, tower blocks to forests,
car parks to pubs. We have created over 250 new productions and
played to well over a million people across 4 continents.
We have taken our work from South Korea to Broadway, from
Glasgow’s King’s Theatre with its 2,000 capacity, to the Isle of
Canna with its population of 12.
Wherever we go, our mission is to create theatre that is urgent,
important and unforgettable.
Fife Today
“Timeless... theater that transcends its genre” The New York Times
The Times
The Sunday Telegraph
We believe that a major part of our role as a national theatre is to
develop new work that speaks to Scotland and beyond.
We have commissioned and produced more than 70 new plays by
contemporary playwrights and helped launch the careers of hundreds
of artists including playwrights, actors, designers and directors.
Sometimes this means giving an artist a small grant so they can work
on a new piece. Sometimes this means giving a writer a commission
to explore something we think might be important or interesting for
audiences….as we did with Gregory Burke for Black Watch or Rona
Munro for The James Plays.
In essence our Patrons are major investors in the future of
Scottish theatre.
“Beautiful, thoughtful and fiercely theatrical” The Scotsman
The Scotsman
The Herald
Discovering and developing new and emerging talent is at the heart
of the National Theatre of Scotland. Patrons help us to ensure there
is a next generation ready to make unforgettable theatre for the
people of Scotland and beyond.
By supporting our Talent Development programmes, Learn activity
and Trainee schemes our Patrons help us to ensure that we give
young and emerging theatre-makers the opportunity to work sideby-side with some of the most talented artists working today.
Every year, we work with over 20,000 young people, teachers and
community participants engaging them with theatre, often for the
first time. We deliver pioneering education projects which enable
them to learn new skills, build confidence and raise aspirations.
Since 2006 we have produced over 20 site specific programmes of
participant-led theatre which have reached over 700,000 people
across Scotland.
Our Patrons help us break down the barriers to the arts for people
from some of our hardest-to-reach communities; enable us to bring
theatre to life for school pupils and students; and help us to engage with
thousands of people on projects that have the power to transform not
only the lives of individual participants but entire communities.
“My children have more confidence in themselves”
Parent of Tin Forest participants
“A defining moment in the theatre of this country.” London Evening Standard
Daily Telegraph
The Financial Times
As one of our Patrons you will enjoy a special relationship with the National
Theatre of Scotland:
• The chance to attend opening nights, special events and post-show receptions
throughout the year
• ‘Behind the Scenes’ - a series of special events that give you the chance to
attend rehearsal room events, meet cast members, creative teams and see
the artistic process in action.
• An annual Patron’s reception hosted by our Artistic Director
• Special offers on National Theatre of Scotland productions for you and
your guests
• Updates on forthcoming productions, community and outreach work and
talent development programmes so you can see how your support is helping
us to create unforgettable Scottish theatre.
• Acknowledgement as a National Theatre of Scotland Patron on our website
and publications
It costs £1,000 to become a Patron of the National Theatre of Scotland and
membership extends to the whole household.
If you are a UK tax payer then you can make a donation of £800 and we will
receive the full £1,000 via gift aid.
If you are a higher rate tax payer, you can reclaim the difference between the
basic and higher rate of tax for your Patron’s donation from HMRC, meaning
that it will cost you as little as £600 per year to become a Patron of the National
Theatre of Scotland.
Our Patrons are amazing. They help us do all of this and make the
National Theatre of Scotland the remarkable organisation it is.
Everything we receive from our Patrons goes into funding new
work and nurturing talent. By becoming a Patron you could provide
part of a young writer’s all important first commission, or help fund
the development of a major new production. You could give a
young person their first experience of live theatre, or help unite a
community in a project they’ll never forget.
Either way as a Patron you’ll get to hear about it all first hand and be
with us every step of the way. Then on opening night you’ll be there
as a special guest to experience the work that you made possible.
We’d love to have you with us. Join us.
“Both anthem and elegy that celebrates
life even as it breaks your heart” The Herald
The Scotsman
The Times
The National Theatre of Scotland is core funded by the Scottish Government. The National Theatre of Scotland,
a company limited by guarantee and registered in Scotland (SC234270), is a registered Scottish Charity (SCO333770).
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